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khandri replied to your post “really am i that fucking annoying or is everyone just not around and…”

Sorry. I’ve been busy with a lot of real-life things, and I’ve been pretty preoccupied lately with my own thing for a real-life person as well as the character(s) they play.

Don’t worry about it. I just panic when I’m feeling like this and have nobody to talk to. That’s what sucks about not being able to make friends around here.

themadcaplaughs1970 replied to your post “chaosagent23 replied to your post “kefka44 replied to your…”

Well, all I can say is try not think about it too much. I kinda know what it feels like, since I’ve seen some really gross shit involving Four (that Four/Jamitov art is something I really wish I could forget about)

Yeah…. there’s nasty porn of nearly everything. 

chaosagent23 replied to your post “chaosagent23 replied to your post “kefka44 replied to your…”

I think that anyone who doesn’t have a life inside their own head outside of the mundane must be pretty sad. You’re perfect the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s canon I tell you, Fia x Q’ve 5eva.

Thank you so much *hugs*

Eveyone has quirks. Alot of my quirks and obsessions stem from the need for me to esacpe from the stress of humdrum reality. I’m not sure about everyone else though. Sometimes the way we feel is just the way we feel, ya know?

Same here, since I struggle with shit that’s just mundane everyday stuff for most people and can’t handle stress I retreat into fictional fantasy worlds. And I’ve been trying to accept my emotions for what they are, even though they’re “abnormal,” because they’re part of who I am.

Although… lately I’ve been questioning whether I’d live a happier and more successful life if I didn’t have them and it’s been eating away at me. I also keep thinking of something someone said to me a while back, she said she doesn’t wear her quirks on her sleeve. I took that as criticism of me.

chaosagent23 replied to your post “kefka44 replied to your post “really am i that fucking annoying or is…”

I don’t see the Ky and Q together. I just don’t get that. We all know Fia x Q is canon. And if they don’t, fuck em. They don’t have good taste. ^_^

Aww, thank you! It means a lot that you say that, I’m serious.

themadcaplaughs1970 replied to your post “chaosagent23 replied to your post:really am i that fucking annoying or…”

How often do you see people shipping him with Kycilia, though? Maybe it’s because I’m not actively looking for Quvs but I don’t see it very often

Well, I know at least one person in the English-speaking fandom does. Most Japanese M’Quve fans seem to like them together. There’s quite a bit of them on Pixiv. 

I’m going to get really obsessive about this so I’m going to continue under a Read More. I just need to get these feelings out.

(In case anyone didn’t know already, new followers or people who haven’t read much of my personal posts or whatever, yes I’m aware M’Quve isn’t real, yes, I’m on medication, yes I’m aware my feelings aren’t normal, and yes I’m married and my husband knows about & is okay with everything).

Read More

kefka44 replied to your post “really am i that fucking annoying or is everyone just not around and…”

This is not the case; I’m playing Hyrule Warriors at the moment.

It’s okay, don’t worry about it. ^_^

chaosagent23 replied to your post “chaosagent23 replied to your post:really am i that fucking annoying or…”

Eh, looking at the stuff in Origin and 0079 I don’t exactly get where that comes from myself. There wasn’t any of that characterization in my eyes at all, but I’m not one to actually look for romance in my war stories with robuts.

I’m just afraid people think I’m crazy for seeing him the way I do. And because I love him as if he were real, the thought of him with anyone but me makes me depressed, and I think about it way too much (which might be considered intrusive thoughts due to OCD, I dunno).

I just don’t know near as much Gundam as I do Getter, though I do love Gundam. D:

It’s okay. Thanks for replying, though. ^_^

I just get irrationally upset about M’Quve’s characterization and how people see him and the shipping with Kycilia. I know people are sick of hearing it, but obsessing about shit like this is one of my major problems and it drives people away.

really am i that fucking annoying or is everyone just not around and posting on queue

i swear the second i mention this shit everyone coincidentially ignores me

Just curious. Have you managed to unlock M’Quve in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn yet? If you got the game, of course.

I don’t have it yet, unfortunately. My husband’s giving me flak about downloading from PSN. He’s never downloaded anything and doesn’t plan to. He’s a pain in the ass.

Between my husband not wanting to spend money, me not knowing Japanese, and me being oblivious to everything, I’m never the first person to see or get anything M’Quve-related and that kind of upsets me because there is literally nobody that loves him more than I do -_-

pleeeeeease someone talk to me about my M’Quve concerns

i always seem to have these thoughts during the day when nobody’s around because they all have lives -_-


Last of them makubenoaijin!

Thanks again, this is awesome! ^_^

I hadn’t seen any of the last 2 Origin posts. M’Quve looks damn fine in those and I’m glad considering what I said before. ^_^

I’m a bit upset that he says he doesn’t want the war to end, although I already mentioned I don’t like his characterization in The Origin. I see M’Quve as a brilliant strategist, but not a heartless warmonger. I think he knows war is hell just as much as anyone else, but he doesn’t want to just give up the fight. 

Am I the only one who sees his positive qualities? I’m not saying he’s perfect - nobody in Gundam is, they all have their good and bad qualities - but he’s not evil, FFS. I also think people don’t think he’s capable of love and compassion except for infatuation with/worship of Kycilia.

Ugh, now I’m getting all worked up over this again >_<


Less blurry makubenoaijin.


Sorry about the blurriness makubenoaijin!

Ahhhhh thank you so much, I’ve been dying to see the translation of this scene!

another NCIS marathon today

I had seen a few episodes before now but last week USA has been playing back-to-back episodes every other day or so and this is apparently going to go on for a while

when I get into a show that’s still on TV (which is rare) it seems to happen when they’re playing a whole bunch of reruns and I’m glued to the TV for ridiculous amounts of time. I never get into shows when they first air because I’m never up on what’s new and fresh (like with video games). I got into CSI this way (a long time ago, almost 10 years) and I bought the first 3 seasons on DVD but never ended up seeing anything past a certain point because of shit that happened in my life

but anyway I really love NCIS and I’m already shipping Tony and Ziva :D  I wonder if the fandom is as insane as certain others here (you all know which ones)

fuck I’m not going to get anything done today… I’ll have to do shit during commercial breaks :D I have no life

professorfrogar replied to your post: So, that scene with M’Quve in the muse…

Well, it should be assumed he would have different Cravats for different occasions. Formal. Informal. Dining. Sleeping. Wartime. Funerals. Weddings. Bathing. Your bed. Beaches. Casual. Laundry. Piloting. Co-piloting.


My bed… mmmmmmm yes… okay I’ll stop with that before I lose followers :D

Now I need to draw M’Quve wearing a cravat in the bath…. at the beach… god damn my mental list of things to draw is way too long for someone who takes forever to complete one drawing >_<

chaosagent23 replied to your post: So, that scene with M’Quve in the muse…

Oh yeah, he’s telling the curator everything is fake. I’ll get you some pics that aren’t from my phone later.

YESSSSS thank you so much! I need to order at least the volumes he’s in. I keep saying my husband won’t let me, but I do have Amazon gift cards and he usually gives in eventually to allowing me to buy M’Quve stuffs. (Gonna have to work on getting that vase, though… ^_~)


FW GUNDAM CONVERGE 16 : Full Photoreview No.47 Hi Res Images by はっちゃか

There’s a ZAKRELLO??!!  WANT.