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Yeah, Zabi brand condoms, they’re not very effective and get blasted full of holes.

I need to get back to drawing or I’ll never be able to draw hot ‘Quv-on-me action

If M’Quve did have a sex toy themed after him it’d probably be based off a vase. And considering the general shape of vases, it’d probably be a butt plug. I can see why he’d want to avoid that ‘ass’ociation. Still better than the Zabi brand condoms.
Well, obviously. But I’m one of the only people with a sexual attraction to M’Quve. (The others, if any, show it by drawing Kycilia hentai.) Unfortunately people have already made that association with M’Quve because they think he’s deranged enough to do unspeakable things with his vases.
…Wait. Zabi brand condoms????

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That Char custom vibrator post exploded again…

Hurr hurr, nice choice of words, Fia.

M’Quve isn’t thrilled, though. However, he’s far too classy to mass-manufacture a custom sex toy. That type of thing stays between us :D

Suikoden Tactics is the Grimmest Suikoden


I mean, a fucking child is beaten to death in front of you. And then his surviving friend gets taken away and subjected to magical experiments, turning him into an eldritch fishman horror thing two seconds after you leave.

Kyril watches his father be transformed in aforementioned eldritch horror in front of his eyes, then has to watch his father’s friend murder it and then suffers from PTSD for three-quarters of the game until he is forced to make the same call himself.

A young, handsome pirate gets caught in the blast radius of a cannon and is so mutilated, he agrees to run off with a pirate carrying a cursed rune rather than face the world (and then Suikoden IV happens to him).

The Emperor of Kooluk is turned into a fishman but is so old and decrepit, he can’t even attack you and instead struggles to make it to you, collapsing several times and then just dying in front of his granddaughter.

What the fuck is this game?

I really, really love Tactics, even if it is incredibly dark. Actually, that’s one of the things that makes it amazing (Fellow Zeta Gundam fans, I think you get what I mean ^_~)  I’m also a HUGE Suikoden IV fan, so I was excited to be continuing that story with most of the same characters. (I don’t give a fuck if that means I have bad taste, one of the main reasons I’m not involved in the fandom is the hate IV and Tactics get).

Have you finished the game yet? I’m ashamed to admit I got to the very end but never fought the final battle, even though I do know what happens at the end. I always end up dragging out my gameplay with RPGs, trying to do every side quest and get every item, though I didn’t even finish the ones in Tactics because the Obel Ruins are a nightmare :D  I think I have this subconscious fear of the adventure ending or something. Although a lot of Important Life Shit came up between the last time I played (literally 5 years ago) and now, so that had a lot to do with it. 

On a side note, Kooluk is a goddamn hilarious word. In Japanese it doesn’t sound so ridiculous (it’s something like Kuuruku).



i think about ramba ral getting his supply of Doms had m’quve not screwed him over and actually beating amuro

Maybe he’ll beat Amuro next time. Next time.


i thought that was my m’quvdar dinging


1 day ago - (19)
it’s like… Gyan Kai meets Gazu-L and Gazu-R

it’s like… Gyan Kai meets Gazu-L and Gazu-R

1 day ago - (19)


It’s not even aired three episodes but hentai of the main girl from Gundam Build Fighters Try (who’s a middle schooler) is flooding the gundam tag.



God fucking dammit.

I’ve seen sexed-up pics of China when the first GBF was out (so she was 13), but nothing too explicit. However, I’ve seen straight-up porn of Sazaki (both with Sei and Rinko), and 8-year-old Mineva Zabi, which is so many kinds of horribly wrong). Aila is another story since I’m not sure of her age but she looks like she’s at least 18.

Hentai/porn is always inevitable with female characters, but for fuck’s sake, can’t people stick to legal age? It would be fine if it was an obvious adult version of the character. I knew this was coming, but for some reason I’m still shocked. Probably because the Gundam fans I hang around here are cool and not disgusting fucking pedophiles.

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still not sure why M’Quve’s on the back of the Char vibrator box

ngl i’d love a M’Quve custom vibrator

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Char Aznable Custom Vibrator

we all know about this already, but i mentioned it yesterday and it came up today in a Google search for M’Quve (look at the 2nd photo of the back of the box).  it’s just too hilarious not to post again.

i’m going to refrain from making any 3x faster jokes, since they make themselves.

Edited to add: it says “Manipulator” on the box.  and Char is saying something to/about Lalah.

Y’know, I like giant robots…but I don’t like them quite that much…


Holy shit, I just posted about this coming back to my activity once in a while, I’m dying XD

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Oh yeah, every now and then the Char custom vibrator post comes back, too. I’ve seen other people post it before and when I did it was ages ago, so who knows how they found it.

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Whoa, a lot of older posts are back on my radar. Good ones, too, like bootleg gendums and M’Quve in the Gyan trying to push Char’s Gelgoog out of the way and baby Hizacks :D

Sometimes people will like or reblog a post from 2 years ago and I wonder how the hell they found it. Usually those are stuff like M’Quve customs, super-cute Acguys, or tags that almost never get posts here (like my fave Suikoden characters that don’t get much love).