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lol i just made a post about this, also note that being overly offended by everything on tumblr ain’t gonna solve any worldly problems..

i couldn’t agree more

i wonder how some of these people can function in the real world if they find a problem with everything

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Imagine Person A of your OTP being extremely passionate about one subject in particular, and being able to talk about it for hours if you let them. Person B does find the subject interesting, but more than that, they adore how Person A’s eyes light up when they speak about it, and how excited they get. Person B is always flustered to find they’ve been rambling, but loves having someone to talk to what they love, because they rarely get discuss it with anyone else.

This is EXACTLY what I imagine with me and M’Quve when he talks about antique vases :D  No, really, his obsession is one of the things that first drew me to him.


Looks that need to come back: Sayla Mass in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


Looks that need to come back: Sayla Mass in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

forever rolling my eyes about people screaming about “ableist language”

if you think calling somebody stupid or whatever is ableist then you are implying stupidity is associated with disability

also these words have become commonly used in everyday language and please go look up “context” in the dictionary

so shut the fuck up

and yes i am very much disabled and even if you also are don’t tell me what to be offended by

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childbestrange replied to your post “i haven’t been on much because i’m kind of sick of tumblr in general…”

oh, i’d been wondering where you’d gone! good luck with things and i looking forward to seeing you on the tumblrtown again later. take care fia!

epoxyconfetti replied to your post “i haven’t been on much because i’m kind of sick of tumblr in general…”

We miss you, Fia. Come back soon!

Thanks, guys! ^__^ I’ll be around. I’ve already been a little more productive the past couple days . Yes, I’ve also been playing a LOT of DWG3 too, but still! BTW I’ve been holding off on maxing M’Quve (he’s level 47) because then it’ll seem like I don’t have an excuse to play as him anymore. Of course, I still will :D

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here is that chart thingy thing of things i was talking about




The fact that somebody took the time to do this makes me happy. Thank you!!!

image and from dis we conclued…

image taht all TRUELY IS zako

image Zako is all!

image ’n gues wat? i saw a line going strait from gyan back to zako II…

image wait so dat mean….



i haven’t been on much because i’m kind of sick of tumblr in general right now and i feel like people don’t want to talk to me much or care about my posts, also i’ve been playing nonstop DWG3. my husband’s been playing too, but i don’t like 2-player because the split screen fucks me up. i have a hard enough time with the camera as it is. i wish i didn’t have a permanent mental block in the spatial orientation (or whatever it’s called) part of my brain -_-

i’m not leaving or anything, just spending a little less time here. i haven’t been working on my friends list/portal page/etc.thingy but i’ll finish eventually. i have chores that i’ve been putting off and craft projects i want to (try to get myself to) do

but i’ll probably just end up playing DWG3 all day

I’ve been wanting to make Gundam videos like that for a long time. I don’t have good video editing software, though. Does anyone know of a decent free video editing program?

I still want to make more videos in general, but my webcam software mysteriously stopped working (I think it was the last Windows update, it’s saying it’s “incompatible”). Of course, I’d have to buy the newest version of the software. I tried looking for a free webcam program but the only one that wasn’t riddled with malware puts a watermark on the videos unless you upgrade to premium. I had to use System Restore because one of the others I downloaded installed something that can’t be removed.

My laptop’s 4 years old, but I’m not sure my husband would be down with me getting a new one yet and for me it would just be a luxury, really. Goddammit, I just want to torture you all with videos of me singing ‘Quv’d up song lyrics!

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Gouf Troop doe.

This wins every award you can all go home now

chaosagent23 replied to your post “chaosagent23 replied to your post:i’ve actually been thinking for a…”

Aww. We all get down on ourselves at times, but you are far from disgusting. You’re a big cutie and we all know you’re the only one for M’Quve.

*hugs* Thank you! ^___^

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Otaku no Video (1991)

i was scrolling then suddenly saw Lalah, Kycilia, and Darth Vader in rapid succession and was like WAIT BAQ DA FUQ UP

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you were named after the bravest men ive ever known, amuro kamille judau johnson

You were named after the stupidest man I knew, Char Quatrro Casval Edward Diekun Mass Aznable Bajeena.

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Char’s Mobiken



You’re way cuter than Ky. Don’t be so down on yourself. You’re very good looking Fia, of course the big Q would want you!

Aww, thank you ^_^  I’ve always been VERY hard on myself. My husband always tells me not to be, it’s not that I don’t believe him, it’s just that that’s how I think. My self-esteem still is  kinda bad, but it used to be abysmally low. Now I just get into moods where I think I look pretty good and some where I think I’m disgusting >_<  It’s so difficult not to criticize myself.